Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Cried Today

Today I cried and I don't entirely know why. It happened when I was getting MS2BX's car title out of the filing cabinet. Tomorrow he is taking the title, the lien release (a nice document they send you when you pay your car off) and a general affidavit to remove my name from his car title.

Out of nowhere the tears came.

Maybe it was because when I was going through the file cabinet I found the picture of our wedding party at the alter. The one I kept meaning to frame and mat.

Just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Now I never will.

The one thing I don't know how to handle is the pictures.

Pictures from the wedding and from six years of a life together. Pictures with friends, family, events. Where do they go? In a box? Tucked away? Or to digital heaven and a physical trash bin?

I recycled the stationary I had made for us...that was easy enough.

There is no more us.

There is MS2BX.

There is me.


  1. When I broke up with my bf for a bit, I put all the pictures in a big box under my bed. It was there when I wanted to wallow in self pity and cry (sometimes you need that!) but otherwise it was hidden away. It's okay to cry, don't think yourself weak for it.

  2. when i come across things like that i find myself either getting really upset or really angry. both of which are fine and then if it is something that i really need to get out of my life i find burning them to be very therapeutic. call me crazy but it seems to work just fine!

  3. After the divorce I threw away any wedding pictures of us kissing, actually any pictures of us kissing at all, wedding or not. But kept the rest.

    It was 5 years of my life, a wonderful day in my history and regardless of how it turned out I want to have those memories when I am old and grey.

  4. I'm sorry you got upset today. You have to just let those tears come and let yourself feel sad when you are. It's going to get better from here on. I would also have a hard time moving on from the pictures too. that would be tough.

  5. I wouldn't delete them... especially the ones with family and friends. I think one box, tucked far away, not to be opened for a couple years... that's probably for the best. By then, you'll know exactly what to do with them.