Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dollar Dollar Bills Ya'll

One of my favorite blogs to read is Everyday Adventures of Me in the City. She lives a life I don't want to lead (city living, public transport, online dating whereas I yearn for a quiet life in the country) yet I find myself living vicariously through her pursuits. Today she had quite the intriguing post that struck a chord.

See, the last few weeks I have been buying a lottery ticket. Can't hurt right?

$1 here, $1 there...maybe $2 for the power play option...

But I haven't had one number match. NOT ONE. Give a girl a break already. Can't I get one little match?

But oh have I ever pondered what I would do with the money...

I would:

  • Buy MS2BX out of this house so I could just walk away
  • Save & invest
  • Change my cell phone number
  • Get in touch with my financial planner & attorney
  • Save & invest
  • Buy the little acreage (yes, the same one I would buy now) I have had my eye on since April and convince the people who farm around it to sell me one little neighboring acre so I could comfortably have horses
  • Buy the horse I have been pining for the last several years. While I would increase my budget a bit...it wouldn't be much
  • Purchase a truck and trailer (4 horse with living quarters)
  • Save & invest
  • Workout a way to pay off my mom's condo without her knowing and divert her mortgage payment to a savings fund so that she has a retirement fund.
  • Pay my sisters house off
  • Save & invest


  1. those all sound very familiar, specifically buying a piece of land for the horse i would purchase...

  2. oooohhhh...and let's take a girl get-a-way vacay. um, can we just do that anyway, screw the lotto