Monday, August 1, 2011

There Really Was Nothing

As I mentioned  MX got married this past weekend when I was in the same city on that day for a friends wedding.

I waited and waited to feel something. Anything.

But it never came. I was indifferent.

I lunched with a friend, the wife of MX's oldest friend. I learned her husband had made a point of telling MX we'd be lunching that day. The evil part of me loved that just a bit. I learned they would be attending the wedding. And I was grateful.

Grateful because I do not want to harm their relationship with him. I know they do not agree with his actions but they were friends before and I'd like them to remain that way. They are the kind of people he needs in his life, whether he knows it or not, because they are good people.

The wedding I attended. The bride had been a reception host in my wedding. One of her bridesmaids had been one of mine. Another bridesmaid and both her personal attendants had roles in my wedding. While they were taking pictures at a foutain they ran into none other than MX and wedding party 2.0. They made a point of yelling hello and watching him squirm.

And for that I may have smiled another wicked smile.

There were no tears. No feelings of sadness.

That isn't my life anymore. He has his life 2.0.

As do I.

And the only place I want to be is right here, right now.


  1. That is so great for you, honestly. I wish I could learn from your lesson. Perhaps someday I will be in the same frame of mind as you. You should be very proud of yourself for being such a great and understanding person, because no matter what he has done at least you can always know that you conduct yourself with empathy and maturity. And you earned a wicked smile or two, no harm in that.

  2. even though i'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to see a sweet picture of you waving around a wine bottle per my suggestion, that's pretty cool that it's all good with you. nice work.

  3. That is awesome. 2.0. Great way of putting it and I would have gotten a little satisfaction too at that moment ;-)

  4. That is such a great way to look at this situation. And the 2.0 version of everything is better :)