Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Calm

I'm hoping that August brings a sense of calm.

Since the weekend before Memorial Day I have had plans every weekend which included; a cook off, weekend at the lake, town festival, bridal shower and boat races, wedding, Vegas (part fun/part work), lake, wedding, shower/bachelorette party, shower/bachelorette party, wedding.

11 weekends.

11 weekends with plans.

This weekend I get to leave for a work trip at 6 a.m. Sunday which means a 3 a.m. wake up call.

But the weekend after that?

For the first time since May?

All mine! And I am getting a facial and an hour long massage.

The only things on the agenda for the rest of the month are attending the State Fair, duck races and overhauling my bedroom and guest room in anticipation of 2 sets of visitors later this month.

If your guest room currently looked like Rainbow Brite threw up everywhere wouldn't you want to redo it?

I can't make this up. I swear what you see is a 2 hot pink walls, a partially orange wall and 2 yellow walls with maroon shades.

Yes, in one room.

And of my 6 bedrooms, it is not the worst...

More to come on that one someday.

But it has good bones. Beautiful hardwoods and I am going to build the room around my beloved cowhide rug. 

Some inspiration ideas below.


  1. Damn, busy chica!! I know what you mean, summers are busy, fun, but busy. LOVE the bedroom designs!!

  2. Wow that is a lot of busy weekends. Hope August is calmer for you!

  3. It has been a crazy, busy summer! I hope you enjoy your August.