Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel Tales

On Tuesday as I looked forward to returning home I encountered a series of travel related mishaps.

*A meeting that ran long
*A wrong turn in the parking structure where you return your rental vehicle
*A non-motivated, lethargic rental agency worker who did not seem eager to hand me my bill

All of which culminated in me being paged to my gate because my plane was to depart. I had 9 minutes to make it.

I made it.

Today I woke at 3 am for my 6 am flight. After sitting on the plane for 2 hours we were told to deplane.

Where we sit still at this minute.

The trip I'm trying to take has already been reschedule once due to a blizzard. I'm beginning to think its not meant to be.

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  1. UGH!! I would FREAK out if I had 9 mins to board a plane. I get so stressed over that stuff. But I know the more I travel, the more that will ease. Good luck getting home!!!