Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ski Trip

Part of the 2011 vision included a ski trip and this past weekend I did just that.

There were tumbles.

Wipe outs.


But for someone who hadn't skied in 15+ years and who had NEVER skied in the mountains. I did pretty darn good.

I never conquered the blacks but I held my own on the blues.

And I perfected the art of falling and having multiple cute snowboarding boys stop to help me up.

All in all it was a vacation success.

Note: the difference in the two pictures is best explained in the change of weather. The first day was ideal. High 30's, sunshine and no wind. The second day was overcast, heavy snowfall and winds. 


  1. Good for you! I have NEVER skieed, yet I live in New England. I just have no desire and am afraid I'll just break something ;-) But the lodge, however, THAT I could do. With hot chocolate...or wine, by the fire? Sign me up!

  2. Looks fun! I used to ski every year when I was little. But yeah, it's probably been 15 years. Plus I was always terrible. I wonder if I would be better at it now?

  3. breckenridge? i recognized "Lower Forget Me Not"!

  4. Yes, it is Breck. We stayed in a ski in/out condo at the base of peak 7. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to ski there. You have gondola access to peak 8 and downtown plus a free shuttle that runs until 11:45 p.m.

  5. i've done all the summit county places and breck is as good as any of them. my sister moved to colorado springs a few years ago and the first thing they did was buy season passes to breckenridge! hard to ski anywhere else once you've been in the rockies....

  6. What beautiful pictures! I live an hour from the Rockies and can't believe that I never take advantage of it like I should. Sounds like you had a great time!