Monday, February 28, 2011

Diary of a Birthday

Today I turn 30. I think the offical time is 6:46 pm.

Its been a several day celebration and today is the capstone.

There was a facial, a massage, a pedicure, lunch with my mom and sister, and the purchase of my Nook Color.

And I'm not even close to being done yet.

Consider this my audition diary for Real Housewives of central Iowa.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you are having a great day. I'm about to turn 31, being a year older (and wiser, haha) I can tell you that 30 is an awesome age.

  2. Happy 30th!! 30 was an awesome year for me, I have a feeling it will be for you too!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Mine is a week from today and I don't have anything planned yet, but yours sounded like a GREAT time.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Just look at it this way, at least you can no longer be in that "ooooh you're almost 30" "how are you going to spend the rest of your 20's..." etc stage. Now you can just embrace it and live it up. Cheers, T.

  5. Happy birthday! welcome to the 30s club

  6. Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you had an awesome time!