Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Did I Go?

Were you thinking that my bloggy world absence was caused by the possibility of a boy?

Well, it wasn't because really the demise of that would have been great blog fodder.

It's too bad really. He was very nice. We had fun.

It was just too much.

Too soon.

B's stage 5 meltdowns didn't help either, even if he shouldn't have a voice.

But B aside, it was too much.

Too soon.

And I told him that.

And he didn't get.

I said I wasn't saying never. Just not right now. I've been alone for a very long time and I need time to figure out what it is I want.

Do I even want a relationship after all?

He didn't get it.

He kept texting.

And texting.

And calling. 

Even when I wasn't responding.

Texting my friends trying to get information.

Which also turned into accusing me of sleeping with my best guy friend. Or if not him, it must be someone else, or was I diseased or pregnant?

Because it must be something if I didn't want to talk to him anymore.

No. I just need space.

I finally got 10 days of silence. I thought we could turn the page.

No, it turns out that over the holiday weekend he was texting my friend again and asking her for more and more information.

Asked best guy friend if he was the reason why I didn't want to talk anymore.

Then last night he made a comment. Which was followed by a text.

When I hadn't responded in 10 minutes I got another text basically going off on me. This went on until I finally had it. I said not nice things. That this type of behavior made me not want to talk to him again. Ever.

This type of reaction is not justified after 2 years. Let alone 2 weeks hanging out.

And this my friends is exactly why I am resigning from the dating world.


  1. The right guy won't make you feel suffocated. I dated people who were just too much for me and they made me want to back away and made me feel like I needed my space. Then I met the right guy and I've never wanted space, it's never been too much, even though the time we spend together is far more than the time spent with men who I wanted to give me space. You know?

    The right guy won't make you feel that way. But just in case you were unsure, the wrong guys usually make sure you know they are wrong by sending you messages and being completely insane, you know, just so you don't second guess yourself. Silly boys.

    Don't give up, just move on.

  2. oh man, that sounds brutal. suffocation is never a good thing, especially at the outset. As Ronda said though...don't give up. The right one will come...promise.

  3. impressive. you don't usually find that level of crazy outside of an institution.

  4. Yikes Not all guys are like that. I'm sorry to hear you had that experience but the right one won't behave like that.