Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Motivation for Being Single

The stage 5 clinger (S5C) continues to persist.

To catch you up we must go back in time. Two Friday's prior.

I watched the first quarter of a college football game while eating my chicken quesadilla at the bar. Then I went home. I wasn't in the mood to be out. After I left S5C showed up. With a girl.

insert happy dance here.

And then proceeded to ask my friend the bartender where I was, who was I with? Did I ask about him? Why did I leave? On and on. Of course bartender texted me to let me know what was going on. And to let me know that B was hearing his entire tirade. Others got involved telling him to drop it.

happy dance ended a long time ago.

The good part of this was that I never heard from him that night. Small victory for me.

Last Friday I was having a drink with B. I was sitting with my back to the door. B was standing with his back at the bar so from where he was standing he could see both the front and back doors. All the sudden he says - you need to go outside to the patio. I was confused. So finally I turned around and there was S5C. I said, nope, I think I just need to go home. Hoped off my bar stool and went home. S5C proceeds to text me about why did I leave. B checks to make sure I got home okay and was I being harassed?

Saturday after attending a wedding my sister, BIL and I went for a drink. My friend is bartending. She hands me her phone the second I walk in and its all of S5C's texts to her from the prior night saying. I guess its not best guy friend, she must be with B. She's sitting at the bar with him, I guess he has two houses and that must be why. On and on. He must have text her 15 times.

Then last night my sister text me to meet her for a drink. So we are sitting there and on my left is JL. S5C shows up. 5 min later I get a text from him saying - Please tell me JL isn't my replacement. I don't respond. 10 min later I get another text that says - Sorry, just trying to start a convo. So I respond and I said - I am not with JL, best guy friend or B. K? I'm not with anyone. So he responds again and says - Okay, I just don't know why you don't talk to me and stop listening to bartender she is probably not making me look good.

Okay buddy. What isn't making you look good is psycho texting. Asking anyone and their brother about me. Accusing me of sleeping with every guy I sit or stand next to. Get over it. It lasted two weeks. Not 5 years.


  1. ummm CREEPY! This guy is turning into a creepster and fast. Sorry to hear that friend :(

  2. Yikes, this guy sounds like bad news. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this :(

  3. besides that you haven't updated us on Mr. Creepy Man in a long time, your blog disappeared for a few days! i almost formed a support group for all of the people following you. glad to see you back!