Sunday, December 11, 2011


Gone but not forgotten. That is how I've treated this blog lately. Still having an identity crisis and not sure where to take it. If anywhere.

Recently I was in Montreal for work and as much as I dreaded it.. I enjoyed it. Now, I don't claim to understand why Canadians insist on only serving Coors Light instead of my beloved Bud Select/Light but alas... It's not half bad here.

The first night I dined at Restaurant Baton Rogue and enjoyed the best Spinach Dip I've ever had. EVER. Although this was located next to the hockey stadium and it was game night so service was a tad slow.

Later I had a few beverages at the hotel bar. The bartender spoke to me in French (as they all seem to until you look as if pigs flew and they in turn begin speaking in English) and when I answered in English he said - oh, sorry you look French. I think that's their version of a compliment.

Friday after exploring a bit of downtown I had lunch at Wienstein & Gavino. Their tortellini Alfredo was yummy but the best part.....the fresh from the oven bread loaf. I am not a bread and oil person, more of a butter person but I survived. Especially when that yummy bread met my Alfredo sauce. I die.

Next up, the reason I was there. Work. And the meeting went very well.

For supper I went to a place I spied while exploring the city...Why did I choose it? Because they had Bud Light on their menu!!!!!!!!!! I nearly did cartwheels in the street!

The restaurant was Burger Bar. It was located on Crescent Street near Wienstein & Gavino. This was a really cute collection of bars and restaurants. Probably their hot spot area. The burger, their royale, was sub par at best. The hamburger meat was eh. And the bacon was not good. The cheese only somewhat melted and had that fake cheese glossiness to it. However the service and the onion yummy. The bartender was super friendly and even other servers stopped to chat. And harass me for drinking beloved Bud Light.

All in all I would recommend Montreal to those who want to visit a metropolitan city with a European vibe.


  1. A friend went to Montreal last year and she loved it. It has such great charm and character. I definitely want to visit.

  2. so what you need to do is turn this blog into a travelogue. spend one sentence on the success of your meeting (like you did here) and then share your experiences with rude french (sorry - is "rude" and "french" redundant?) bartenders. you could put yelp or urbanspoon out of business!