Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Questions I Will Never Have Answered

I want to write about it. I want to explain it all.

I want everyone to understand it all.

Mostly I want to tell him that I miss him. That even though I know it
is the right move for both of us, I second guess myself everyday.

I wonder if I'm on your mind at all...

When you read what I wrote, what did you think? Or did you just hit
delete and go on with your day?

Why was something, predicted by so many never able to come together?

Do you miss me?

Why does it hurt so much to lose someone you never really had?


  1. The tender pain of a lost relationship that used to move our soul. It's almost like an invisible companion that follows us everywhere we go.

    The 2 o'clock in the morning staring up at the silent ceiling is sometimes a difficult time to pass through.

    Yet, it stays faithful in your mind, omnipresent and willing to dance whenever thought of.

    The waves of time slowly lap at the foundation of those thoughts and ever so slowly, lap away, grain by grain, the mountings on which those thoughts stand. Ever so slowly, the thoughts will lean over and one day, unable to support itself, come crashing down. And the waves will continue to erode and reclaim that section of hurt until your mind is cleared.

    And free.

  2. Sigh. I'm sorry to hear this. MTFFH has some beautiful words here...couldn't agree more. time, it takes time, but I know you know this. XO.