Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Adventures from Home

I am home for the holidays and am so happy to be here. I am staying here until January 3rd.

I know I am not going to have any desire to leave...

The following story is true and accurate. I swear it just happened. Like 10 minutes ago just happened...

My sister and I are making holiday treats, you know. Chex Mix and a hodgepodge of dips that involve things like cream cheese.

Lots of cream cheese.

She needs to know if there is bowling tonight. Because in rural America you join a bowling league.

I can't wait to join a bowling league.

No, seriously, can't wait.

So she tries to call the owner of the bowling alley to find out if they are going to have league because the weather is sketchy at best.

"Do you suppose the random Patti in my phone is the Patti I need?"

Sure I say!

So she dials, says who she is and asks who she just called...

NOT the Patti she needs.

Her response?

"Oh well, I really hope you have a Merry Christmas but I was hoping you were someone else. Happy Holidays!"

Hangs up the phone and promptly deletes that Patti from her phone.

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