Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Miss

Over the 4th I had a fabulous weekend.

It was reminiscent of the first weekend I spent at this lake. The weekend that brought me B.

He's still there by the way. I don't know that anyone expected that he wouldn't.

In 3 days I was on 3 different boats.

Day 1 the Roy boat.
Day 2 the J boat.
Day 3 the G boat.

Roy & J tie up together.

On Day 2 the Roy boat had a boy on it I had never met.

We shall call him Farmer.

Farmer introduced himself to me.

Day goes on.

Farmer asks what my story is.

I ask what he means.

Single? Boyfriend? Love of your life?

I laugh and say no, just simply single.

We chat.

He gets called away.

The J boat has to go home.

That evening a girl from the Roy boat mentions that I should date Farmer. She says we are the same age, both single and she thinks we would get along well.

Later as the outdoor bar is closing and I am headed to bed I see Farmer again. He gets a big smile on his face and says hi to me. But we are headed in opposite directions.

No worries I think. I will surely run into him tomorrow. But the G boat doesn't tie up with the Roy or the J. 

Oh there is always FB, I will friend him.

But he is not on FB.

So I suppose, if its meant to be I will run into him with the Roy boat crew once again.


  1. Oh, I so hope you are able to track each other down! This is fun, but it is hard when you have a connection with someone to keep the connection going once the encounter is over. That's happened to me so many times this year, including this past Friday night!

  2. I hope you do run into him!! this sounds promising :)