Sunday, July 24, 2011

If It Is What He Wants...

According to the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine Justin Timerblake says "The Sexy Confidence Guys Love" involves the following:

  • Don't Give a Damn. Uh...I have this mastered. In fact, my friends say this makes me unapproachable but JT says desirable...
  • Tell an X-rated joke. I've got this mastered and the dirty mouth to boot. I consider this a personal weakness but again...if JT loves it...
  • Know your style. In my late 20's and now early 30's I think I am finally finding my way with this one. I am not a fashionista but you won't find me on a worst dressed list either.
  • Try Anything Once. Aside from certain foods - game on.
  • Let Him Do All The Work. As much as I enjoy taking control I love it more when its the guy who knows what he wants and goes for it.
  • Own Your Emotions. Ha. Check.
  • Be a Babe Among Boys. I am a guys girl personified.
  • Call Him Out. Again, check.
So, my question today -

If the above is what JT wants anybody want to hook me up?

But maybe what I should be asking is -

If the above is true...why do I have zero luck in the dating world?


  1. Hmmmm, I may have to disagree with JT and agree with your friend: all but the most secure of men might feel threatened by all the above. It has been my unfortunate experience, that many of the men I know WANT to rescue helpless, codependent woman who are clearly insecure. But you don't want those men anyway (obviously.) I honestly think that it's hard when you are waiting for men of quality. It's easy to be in a relationship, it's just not easy to be in a GOOD one.

  2. I get what JT is saying but I can't say that's always the case. My dirty potty mouth has turned off many a men. And I'm still working on the style thing. Can I just chaperone your date?