Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Insane In My Brain

Sometimes I can keep an excellent handle on the madness that goes on in my is not that day.

I'm trying to buy MX out. The fact that it is going to cost me a significant amount of money frustrates me to no end. But can you put a price on happiness?

My father joined FB.

I'm a terrible bowler.

I almost spent $1k on a vacation in Mexico for just me but when I tried to book I found out that since I'm single it would be $500 more than the advertised rate.

What house will I buy next?

I'm taking the cowards way out and just being less responsive/non responsive to the puppy. Its wrong. I hate it. I'm just a coward.

I love traveling for work but miss my pets so much its crazy.

I wish I could have stayed in Vancouver longer.

Some days I am the most motivated person on earth. Today was not that day.

I'm quite certain I'm not going to be in another relationship ever again.

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