Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bounce Back

When I was in college I never had hangovers.


All night drinking...next morning I was fine.

That ability has gone away, likely because I am not out all night drinking anymore.

Sometimes being an adult is just not as fun as you imagine during your youth.

But I can still bounce back. From illness.

Yesterdays fever came and went so today I started my 5k training plan.

I am back at it. In 12 weeks, or less if I am an overachiever, I will back to running for 30 minutes straight.

That makes me happy.

Once my Nike+ starts cooperating...or I buy a new one since the battery is basically dead I will start posting my runs.

Like I used to.

On the blog I had before.

Before I found out.

Before I knew the truth.

Because I am, as per usual, StartingOver.

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