Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why You Are Not Supposed to Lie to Your Mother

Because even when you are 28 she still waits up for you...

On Sunday my sister called to let me know that she had been part of a bit of a disaster. She sounded shook and my sister is always the calm, cool and collected one. There had been a hail storm so severe that her car was ruined, so was the horse trailer, almost all the windows on the house were gone, the roof was beyond repair and there was damage to both barns. But she and her husband, the dogs and the horses were all safe.

I asked if she wanted me to come home. She didn't say yes but she didn't say no.

I finished getting ready for the open house, made pet sitting arrangements, loaded the car & headed north. I text her to let her know I was on my way. She called and said not to come, to turn around.

So I did. But I was thinking, no just keep driving. But in general I always do what she tells me to.

About 20 minutes later she calls back and asks if she is in trouble if she changed her mind. I said of course not and headed back out.

When I arrived and assessed the damage, and wow is there a lot of damage, I asked if she had told mom since I would need to stay with her that evening. She hadn't but went ahead and made the call.

I only heard the first part of the call. Just enough to hear her say "She is coming up."

Not that I was already there and within 5 feet of her. That I was "coming up."

Thus began the lie.

After my sisters call ends my phone rings, mom of course. I let it go to voicemail. She wants to know where I am and when I will be there.

I wait until my sister, her husband and I are headed to their friends* house for a fish fry (because then its authentic with the driving a car sound) for all those who helped with the damage. She wants to know where I am. I say south of Bethany. This buys me an hour and a half. She says she is going to drive to my sisters to see the damage.

Um, what???

You see, if I am an hour and half south of Bethany....what will mom think when she sees my car sitting outside?

So we drop my brother in law off at the friends house, race back to put my car in the shop. And the garage door of the shop won't close.

Hi? Karma much?

So instead we drive my vehicle back to the fish fry...

She calls again to say that I am headed for bad weather, I say that I will pull off if I have to. I call again to let her know I am now within 30 miles (after starting my car and turning on the radio naturally). That I am going to pick up my sisters dog and go to the fish fry. I will be at her house after a while, don't wait up.

In the end, she never drove up to my sisters house.

All that running around and hiding the car to protect the lie and she never showed up.

So later when I stayed out even later with the boy who makes me smile and laugh and my mom asked where I was I told the truth.

I was at my sisters.

I just didn't bother to point out that I had left 3 hours prior.

*side note: my sister and her husband have the most amazing friends. You would not believe how many people who showed up to help them board windows and stop further damage from happening. Plus they all showed up with beer. What more could you ask for?


  1. those are the best kind of lies :)

  2. At least you had a good time and were able to be there for your sister. I'm glad everyone was okay, although I bet the horses were terrified. My horse is scared of thunder, I can't imagine him with hail.

  3. all of those hoops that you jumped through, right down to the waiting to call on the road, are EXACTLY what my sister and i would do!

  4. When they bring beer? You know that is the BEST kind of friend. :-)